Accident Insurance Included

True to our nature of going the extra mile and assuring that we have attended to every detail, we provide comprehensive accident insurance that meets all requirements for our profession. This is an added measure to provide another level of peace of mind and exceptional service. This is yet another example of what makes us truly stand out.We are a longstanding presence in the region, having provided full-service valet parking  for years in central and southern California, including the Los Angeles metropolitan area.

Valet Parking for Hotels: Providing Your Guests With Impeccable Service and Hospitality

When your hotel or other guest property is looking to provide top-notch hospitality to everyone who visits, providing valet parking is a must. Guest services are not complete without this essential and comfort-oriented benefit.

Understanding your guests is our goal and mission. We provide respectful and friendly service while consistently respecting the privacy and confidentiality of all guests and hotel personnel.


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Valet Parking for Hotels?

Services we provide for hotels are comprehensive and extensive. Once guests arrive near the hotel entrance in their vehicles, we promptly greet them in a professional manner. We strongly value and practice etiquette and courteous service with punctuality. We hold the vehicle doors open as guests emerge and help them as necessary. 

We also park vehicles in the appropriate areas on the hotel property, then retrieve the vehicles promptly as guests need them. We handle your hotel guests' vehicles as if they were our own and attend to safety with the utmost diligence. To provide as professional an impression as possible, we also maintain and clean the parking and reception area as needed.

Complete Luggage Service


We don't just drive your guests' vehicles where they need to go around your hotel property. When guests are arriving and leaving, we make their stay more comfortable and pleasant by helping with all of their luggage, including moving it around as necessary, carrying it, transporting it to the hotel room and placing it in the room. We do all this with our careful treatment, gently handling guests' belongings as if they were our own.In addition to transportation services, we also provide the related aspects of parking logistics, marketing and facility maintenance. We manage and operate valet parking for maximum revenue, profitability and budget consciousness.

Why Offer Valet Parking at Your Hotel?

There are many reasons for offering valet parking at hotels, resorts and other guest properties for travelers. For one, people who are away from home are often tired, busy and in a hurry, so not having to deal with parking is one less issue they have to figure out. Helping hotel guests with their luggage is one more added convenience that provides an extra level of convenience. Offering complete valet parking service maximizes comfort and guest satisfaction.

Full Background Checks of Employees

In an effort to provide the utmost in high-quality and reputable service, we perform thorough background checks on our employees, including all of our valet drivers. We also contract a top-notch company to complete drug screening. We only hire the best of the best drivers who complete these important tests with excellent results. That way, you and your guests have the peace of mind in knowing that our valet drivers who enter your property are trustworthy and honest.

If you are looking for an experienced, reliable, committed and insured valet parking company that consistently meets and exceeds hotels' expectations, call us at (310) 505-0125. We can answer your questions pertaining to hotel valet parking and discuss how we can partner to make your hotel truly stand out.

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