Private Events Valet Parking

Private Events Valet Parking Services

There are so many details to plan and organize when getting ready for private events, whether that is the food, decorations, music or guest list. But in the midst of the hectic planning phase, make sure you remember to consider your guests' parking and transportation needs for your event. We at Supreme Parking can handle every detail pertaining to parking guests' vehicles and providing a full range of parking services. Our private events parking services help a wedding, graduation parties, corporate events or any other private event be one filled with fun and memories.


Whether you need parking services for a wedding ceremony, reception, shower, luncheon or any other wedding-related event, we've got you covered. We can handle anything from the smaller event to the big shindig with a large number of guests. Our drivers treat weddings with the utmost in professionalism and style. We can transport the vehicles of the bride and groom, wedding party, family members or all guests of the event. We customize services to meet your requirements because we know that no two weddings are exactly the same. 


Graduation Parties

When graduating from high school and college, it is common for the happy celebrants to throw graduation parties to commemorate such significant milestones. And we are right there to help those events be big successes by providing our expert parking services. We are familiar with the entire geographic area and can offer our services at any location, whether that is a house in a residential area or an events center or any location in between.

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Corporate Events

If you are planning corporate events of any size, remember to make plans for how your guests will get their vehicles parked. Providing parking services is a great perk to offer, and it allows guests to spend more time at your event and less time looking for a place to park. It also works around issues like inclement weather.


Other Special Events

There are many other types of private events for which you might need parking services. Those include holiday parties, birthday parties, summer barbecues, retirement parties and sporting events. No matter what your events entail, we are happy to help by providing the best when it comes to driver professionalism and skill.

Top-Level Drivers and Service

We realize that the service we provide is only as good as our drivers. The capable people who sit behind the driver's seat have completed advanced training and testing. The process includes background checks and interviews. Our drivers offer the unique combination of professionalism, attentiveness to specialized needs, kindness and respect. Our drivers can park a large volume of vehicles in a short period of time while maintaining strict safety standards.


More Services

At Your Service: If you need private events parking services, we at Supreme Parking are ready to help. Give us a call at (310) 505-0125, or contact us through our website. We can answer your questions and tell you more about our services. Let us take one item off your private event's "to do" list by helping you to arrange for the all-important issue of parking.